FFDN Social Media Host Raoul Wilke and Artistic Director Ilter Ibrahimof on stage at UNBOWED: Signature Programme 2

A 'Thank You' From our
Artistic Director

Two Jingle Dress Dance Contestants at the inauguralTkaronto Open at FFDN 2023, co-presented with Union.

“I think we should start over.”  With those words, FFDN opened HEARTBEATS: Signature Programme 1 of our 2023 festival. And I wish that we could; I am not quite ready to let this festival go yet. Light, courage, heart in multitudes, bliss - FFDN 2023 was a love letter to dance. To all the dancers and dancemakers that shared their passion, to the staff and board that realized the vision, to the audience that brought their empowering belief in the essential nature of dance, thank you! Dance is alive in this city and it is my privilege and honor to share in its beauty with you.  

While the memories linger, you may want to explore FFDN’s original podcast Mambo which is always available on demand, watch the 8-COUNT films streaming on our website for another week, or as a ticket buyer, use your free 2-month subscription to Marquee TV, our Official Streaming Partner, to watch FFDN’s original films and additional dance content from around the world. There is always something new to discover. Who knows? Your new discovery may be at FFDN 2024 - our 10th Anniversary season!

I also want to thank every donor, from our major patrons to anyone who made a donation at point of purchase. You make our tickets affordable. You make our programming possible. Without you, this festival would not exist. Though this is the end of FFDN 2023, new donations now will impact our future.  If you are inclined to show us some love, donations can be made here

Until next year, please stay in touch and keep an eye on our website - FFDN loves a pop-up! 

With love,