Associate Artists

FFDN invests in long-term relationships with choreographers, dancers and filmmakers at various stages of their creative development.  We support Associate Artists with the resources to conduct in-depth research, leading to the creation of new work and to the realization of multiple performance and presentation pathways.  We also contribute mentorship, professional development, and artistic connections across our network. These frequently multi-year journeys are structured to advance professional careers while deepening the FFDN audience’s understanding of a spectrum of western and non-western dance forms and the ways in which work is created and presented. 

Current Associate Artists:

John and Claudine Bailey Artists-in-Residence Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper

Renette and David Berman Filmmaker-in-Residence Vikram Dasgupta

Past Associate Artists:

Montreal’s Anne Plamondon became FFDN’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence in 2018. Already a contemporary dancer with an impressive international resume, Anne developed her choreographic voice with FFDN over two years.  She created Counter Cantor with fellow Canadian Emma Portner, which premiered at FFDN 2018 and continues to tour across Canada and internationally. She created her first large ensemble work, Fiddle Embrace, performed at FFDN 2019, over the course of a full year with 18 of Canada’s preeminent BFA students in The School of Performance Dance program at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Anne premiered a second large ensemble work, Yearning to Make a Difference, for Alberta Ballet in February 2020, which the Calgary Herald called, “an entrancing success.”

Plamondon is a rising star with a promising career. She already shows impactful skill in allowing ideas and forms to create powerful, unforced narratives, without trying too hard to tell a compelling story. This is a rare gift.

- Calgary Herald
February 15, 2020